Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What To Look For In A Solution To Make Music Online

When most people think of music production software, they think of desktop software that is large and can slow down their operating system.

Of course, there is a good reason why music production software is such a resource hog -- it is very powerful!

It is that very power that a user wants to harness, but when you use desktop music production software(that power comes at a price) -- that price is the smooth operation of the machine that the software runs from.

However, what if there was a solution that would provide a musician or music producer with all of the power of a top of the line music production software and would not interfere with the smooth running of their computer whatsoever?

I think that solution would be a winner!

By utilizing online music production software, musicians can make and produce music online without ever having to download a single executable file onto their hard drive. It is the perfect balance between power and clear computing.

When choosing an online music production service, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here are four of the factors to consider when making a decision about which online music production solution to choose.

1 - First, make sure that the online music making solution that you choose has all of the features that a
     desktop version of music production software would have.

     Of course, if there is a certain feature that you are quite certain you would never make use of because it  
     simply does not apply to the style of music you produce, then you can safely choose a music production
     software solution that does not include that feature.

2 - Second, make sure that there are multiple options for ways to export and save the final product of your
     After all, various producers, managers, and DJs that you need to send your final mixes to will have
     different requirements about what file types they prefer, and you don't want to lose quality as you convert
     them from one format to another.

3 - Third, try to find a music production software that will allow you to automatically save work in progress
      inside your account. Obviously, you cannot always finish a mix in one sitting. Any solution you choose
      should allow you to save mixes in progress within your user account.

4 - Fourth, try to find a software that will allow you to export directly to social music sharing sites in order to
      build buzz for your work. That is, after all, the final goal, correct? You make music in order to allow
      other people to hear it.

By choosing online music production software and basing the decision around these four factors, you are certain to be pleased with the choice that you make and pleased with the results that the software gives you.

One man i found very up-skilled in the music production world is Jamie Lewis.

Free Beat Making Software

I Am Looking For Free Beat Making Software That Is As Good As, Or Better Than, Paid Versions

I have been searching for free beat making software all weekend on the computer.

I want to find a free version that is equally as robust as the paid version, if not even better.

There are a few different areas that I would like to see addressed in any beat making software, even a free version.

1 - First, I absolutely need the ability to export my final product as an MP3.

All of the other music production software is that I use can handle many different formats, but MP3 seems to be the common denominator between all of them.

If the beat making software does not support export as MP3, then that adds an extra step for me -- not to mention a completely separate software -- to convert the music file to an MP3.
Besides the inconvenience and the added time, there is also the fact that quality can be lost during conversion process, and I don't want that to happen.

2 - Second, I want the graphic user interface to be simple and intuitive. 

Even if a piece of software is free, there should still be some thought put into the end-user's experience when using the software.

After all, very few pieces of software are actually completely free.

If you don't pay with cash, you pay with the necessity of signing up for the company's e-mail list, or the companies right to advertise to you from within the software. The company that makes the software is still getting a benefit from you downloading and using it -- therefore, it should still be the best software possible, even if it does not have a monetary price tag attached to it.

3 - Third, I want the software to be truly free. 

So many times, when searching for free software of any type, what you come across when you search for a free version is simply a "shareware" version.

What this means is that the software is free to try, not to have forever. It is essentially a free trial on a paid software rather than a free piece of software.

When I find a free beat making software, I want it to actually be free and not just free to try.

When I am finally able to find a free beat making software that meets or exceeds all of my standards that I have outlined herein, I will be very happy about that.

Not only that, I will download it and use it often, and tell all of my friends and colleagues about the fantastic software that I found.

In fact, I would not even mind writing about the software on my blog that I have created about my experiences while trying to become a professional DJ.

If the free beat making software that I find measures up to what I hope it will, I would have no problem at all promoting it on my blog.

I hope that I can find one soon!

I have found a great website with paid software, Make Your Own Beats, but still looking for a free one to start off with.

Any Ideas?